Vinyl Storage Clips / Film Coil Hoop Ring

‘- Durable plastic design ensures a long lifespan and ease of use.
– Protects delicate rolls: Doesn’t scratch or leave marks on your vinyl, film, or sticker decal rolls.
– Versatile use: Fasten car and truck wrap sheet film, sticker decals, or small objects.
– Available in two sizes: Choose from 8cm or 11cm inner diameter for securing various roll sizes.
– Maintains proper storage: Ideal for holding vinyl rolls in your shop without damaging them.
– Clean and residue-free: Leaves no marks or scratches on your rolls, ensuring quality storage.
– Perfect for full 64 feet rolls: Provides essential support for thick calendared materials.
– A valuable accessory: The ultimate tool to keep your car vehicle and shop organized.


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8cm, 11cm


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